Dan Foster was born in Paris. Fascinated by music at a very early age, he began demonstrating a singular interest towards music, especially singing and guitar. although he wasn't brought up in a musical family. " The first time I heard a symphony orchestra was in my early 20's ".

His growth in music became more evident, when he studied in the USA. He started to compose his first songs and was the lead vocalist in numerous bands touring Europe. However, he mostly taught himself ear training and other musical skills and theory from others.

" the sound that comes from my soul" was heavily influenced by legendary composers “ such as Elmer Bernstein, Max Steiner, Ernest Gold, Miklos Rozsa, Alfred Newman, Franz Waxman, Lalo Schifrin, Gerry Goldsmith, Steve Jablonsky, James Horner, Howard Shore, Phillip Glass, and Danny Elfman

Dan's fascination of movies led him to Classic and film music at the American university in Paris where he He was taught by Music professor Randall Blatt.Dan is a creative composer, he explores universal emotions expressed through the prism of music .He possesses an exceptional talent for writing memorable themes.

His studio is fully equipped with the latest in digital and midi technology and he is therefore able to produce scores ranging from fully orchestral to fully synthesized, and anywhere in between, using acoustic or electronic instruments as required.