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Piano Moods The orchestral arrangements for each of these original tunes is just exquisite. The main instrument is of course the piano, accompanied by gentle strings. it is lovely to listen to if you have a few friends over for dinner or even sitting alone with a nice glass of wine. Gentle, slow, relaxing, "soothing piano music" with a stunningly positive impact.












A world of Peace A world of peace is a unique blend of modern synthesizers, acoustic and ethnic instruments. Travel to a magical garden filled with golden light. A journey of reflections, A spirited waterfall and prayerful hopes. tranquil, slowly changing harmonies. This very zen album  is perfect to produce a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere in your home, but also to appease your mind in the evening before going to sleep.
















Ambient Lounge Music A cool collection of ambient tracks Just like a sunny day, this cd will add a breezy, refreshing atmosphere to your life. a joyous and light-hearted music. You’ll love the way this compilation will transport you to a more sensuous mood, time and place. discover sounds you’ll want to wrap around you while you’re driving, cooking, relaxing, reading or just want an upbeat yet peaceful musical experience.

















Nature & Music A relaxing collection of natural sounds and experiences of the wilderness of woods, forests, and waters of North America, Europe and tropical islands.. These sounds of nature are perfect to use for relaxation or for meditation. includes: Birds, gentle rain, thunderstorm, swamp, tropical beach, country, ocean, spring brook, rivers, falls wind, a stream, singing birds and more. Nature sounds is an ideal way of relieving stress. Enjoy this fantastic meditative voyage. Yoga, relaxation, reiki.














Fantasy Adventure Eerie, suspensful, heroic, frightful, enchanting, and dreamlike are just some of the ways to describe the tracks in the Orchestral Fantasy collection. If you like movies, you will instantly recognize the orchestral styles presented in this set. Orchestral Fantasy will give your work a cinematic, "Hollywood" quality - powerful, bold and intense.














Guitar moods a beautifully composed original instrumental acoustic guitar music. Enjoy this tapestry of new age, pop, folk music styles - perfect for relaxation, spa,meditation, romance, massage, sleeping, holistic healing. If you like: William Ackerman, Windham Hill, Michael Hedges and Alex de Grassi.















Filmscapes 2 This collection of film music: Filmscpaes 2 includes some of the most recent tracks recorded by the artist. these works have been used by film producers in the USA, Europe and around the world.Cinematic, expansive filmscores with the full complement of orchestral depth and dimension. Poignant, optimistic, determined, intense, rage etc ...and Great for Historical, adventure, action, drama and many others.














Filmscapes 1This first collection of film music includes some of the most recent tracks recorded by the artist. these works have been used by film producers in the USA, Euorpe and around the world. Film music to suit all genres from light strings to epic & orchestral arrangements. Music to increase tension, calm the mood or provide a backdrop to enhance the scene.From comedy to adventure, or romantic to chase.















Clelia Valiante A true voice and a talented artist ! styles: Pop, soul, Rnb


Clelia Valiante's meaty contralto is naturally flavored with the ingredients of great pop & soul: mournful resolve and personal conviction served with a healthy side of pure zest. Marion

This woman's voice is as beautiful an engaging as she is. She just grabs me and keeps me. Melanie